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Every week Pep calls attention to those books and graphic novels which stand out from all the rest. These titles from Premier Vendors and independent publishers should be at the top of your list, and can be found at your local comic shop on March 29.

Serenity: No Power In The ‘Verse #6

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Chris Roberson (A) Georges Jeanty, Karl Story (CA) Daniel Dos Santos

The Serenity crew's fight against Kalista continues! Mal isn't willing to leave River behind, but he's risking his crew-and more-to get her back.

Item Code: JAN170122Price: $3.99PREVIEWS Page #69In Shops 3/29/2017

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #8

DC Comics

(W) Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello (A) Andy Kubert & Various (CA) Andy Kubert

Baal's Kryptonian army has invaded Themyscira. Wonder Woman and the Amazons will show them why that was a deadly mistake.

Item Code: JAN170324Price: $5.99PREVIEWS Page #123In Shops 3/29/2017

Titans Annual #1

DC Comics

(W) Dan Abnett (A) Minkyu Jung (CA) Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund

When Dick, Wally, Donna and Garth awaken in an unfamiliar place, they find themselves face-to-face with their mentors: Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman! Allied together against a common foe, the mentors and protégés must race against the clock to unlock the secret of their current predicament and save the planet from an alien invasion!

Item Code: JAN170313Price: $4.99PREVIEWS Page #119In Shops 3/29/2017

Star Trek: Boldly Go #6

IDW Publishing

(W) Mike Johnson, Ryan Parrott (A) Chris Mooneyham (CA) George Caltsoudas

The hit new series continues with this all-new story set after the events of Star Trek: Beyond! After their encounter with the deadly Borg, Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour face an uncertain future... and a powerful new threat to the Federation!

Item Code: JAN170524Price: $3.99PREVIEWS Page #184In Shops 3/29/2017

Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #26

Image Comics/Skybound

(W) Robert Kirkman (A/CA) Paul Azaceta

"The Sharpened Edge"-Kyle Barnes hones his abilities... preparing for the battle ahead. Mature Readers.

Item Codes: JAN170749Price: $2.99PREVIEWS Page #237In Shops 3/29/2017

X-Men Prime #1

Marvel Comics

(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Ken Lashley & Various (CA) Ardian Syaf

Resurrxion Begins Here! In the wake of their war with the Inhumans, the X-MEN are at a crossroads. Where do they go from here? Luckily, one beloved X-Men has the answer to that question: Xavier's dream comes full circle as KITTY PRYDE returns to the X-Men, ready to lead them in their mission to protect a world that hates and fears them. The next chapter of the X-Men's saga starts here!

Item Code: JAN170940Price: $4.99MARVEL PREVIEWS Page #16In Shops 3/29/2017


Inhumans Prime #1

Marvel Comics

(W) Al Ewing (A) Ryan Sook (CA) Jonboy Meyers

Resurrxion Begins Here! In the wake of the awesome events of IVX - what will become of the Inhumans? In this oversized special issue - the trial of Maximus! The coming of Marvel Boy! And what is the dark secret of Black Bolt? A special bridging issue between the past of the Inhumans and their future - on Earth and in the stars!

Item Code: JAN170945Price: $4.99MARVEL PREVIEWS Page #18In Shops 3/29/2017

Animosity #6

AfterShock Comics

(W) Marguerite Bennett (A/CA) Rafael de Latorre

When Jesse is abducted by humans, Sandor, her faithful and protective Bloodhound, will cut a swath of blood and bone through everything that stands in his path to find and rescue his beloved friend. Mature Readers.

Item Code: DEC161181Price: $3.99PREVIEWS Page #255In Shops 3/29/2017


Hellblazer Volume 1: The Poison Truth TP

DC Comics

(W) Simon Oliver (A) Moritat & Various (CA) Moritat

In the first Rebirth collection starring John Constantine, the Hellblazer returns home to London to face an impossible choice: live an immortal life bonded to a demonic curse, or shift that curse to eight million people-killing each and every one of them! Collects The Hellblazer: Rebirth #1 and issues #1-6!

Item Code: DEC160374Price: $16.99PREVIEWS Page #124In Shops 3/29/2017

Saga Volume 7 TP

Image Comics

(W) Brian K. Vaughan (A/CA) Fiona Staples

"The War for Phang" is an epic, self-contained SAGA event. Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. New friendships are forged and others are lost forever in this action-packed volume about families, combat, and the refugee experience. Collects Saga #37-42. Mature Readers.

Item Code: JAN170850Price: $14.99PREVIEWS Page #210In Shops 3/29/2017

Hillbilly Volume 1 TP

Albatross Funnybooks

(W/A/CA) Eric Powell

The first four issues and the ComiXology short story of Eric Powell's Appalachian fantasy series are collected here along with bonus sketch material!

Item Code: JAN171227Price: $17.99PREVIEWS Page #280In Shops 3/29/2017


Saban Power Rangers Aftershock Movie GN

BOOM! Studios

(W) Ryan Parrott, Kyle Higgins (A) Lucas Werneck, Hendry Prasetya (CA) Greg Smallwood

From the publisher of the critically acclaimed Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series comes an original story set in the universe of the upcoming Power Rangers feature film! This explosive, all-new tale picks up immediately after the events of Lionsgate's highly anticipated movie, in theaters March 24, 2017! See the film, then deep dive into the continued adventures of Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zack, and Billy! Written by Ryan Parrott (Star Trek: Starfleet AcademyBatman: Gates of Gotham) and illustrated by artist Lucas Werneck. Features an exclusive PREVIEWS cover edition by Greg Smallwood (Moon Knight) available only at your local comic book shop!

Item Code: JAN171402Price: $14.99PREVIEWS Page #316In Shops 3/29/2017

Designer Series Conner Traditional Harley Quinn AF

DC Comics

Amanda Conner, co-writer and cover artist of the smash-hit monthly Harley Quinn series, goes to town on providing this design of the original Harley Quinn for rabid fans and toy collectors!

Item Code: APR160442Price: $28.00PREVIEWS Page #85In Shops 3/29/2017

Designer Series Conner Spacesuit Harley Quinn AF

DC Comics

Amanda Conner doubles down on designing yet another collectible Harley Quinn figure! This one has Harley suited up for space, and the quirky accessories provided include a pop gun and space pizza!

Item Code: APR160440Price: $28.00PREVIEWS Page #85In Shops 3/29/2017

Batman Animated Batman Robin Mutant 3-Pack

DC Comics

This new action figure 3-pack is inspired by The New Batman Adventures episode "Legends of the Dark Knight," and includes Batman, Carrie Kelley as Robin, and the Mutant Leader. Each figure comes with extra hands!

Item Code: OCT160340Price: $70.00PREVIEWS Page #151In Shops 3/29/2017

Nightmare Before Christmas Tumblers

Diamond Select Toys

Your favorite characters from Tim Burton's animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas are now featured on these collectible glass tumblers!

Item Code: JACK (OCT162589), MAYOR (OCT162590), SALLY (OCT162591) BOOGIE (OCT162592)Price: $9.99 Ea.PREVIEWS Page #512In Shops 3/29/2017

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